META: Wish Fulfillment, WCs, and Mary Sues

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at
Sun Mar 12 12:18:16 PST 2006

  Psychologically speaking... creating your ideal
world, including an analogue of yourself and then
placing them in their ideal situation is fairly

  Now... creating versions of you just to sadistically
torture them... I think that's something else.

  Rick Henkerton was sort of based on parts of me.  
What do I do to him?   I killed most of his friends. 
Had becoming an over burdened depressed taskmaster Had
him get mind controlled into having sex... put him
into psychotherapy... have him stop believing he had a
responsiblity to help people.  Had him redeem himself.
  Of course, *then* he had an affair with his best
friend.  So that just goes to show you how far
redemption really gets you.

 Andrew Weinstein... definately borders into
Marysueism.   The only thing that saves him is that he
aknowledged that he was a self serving, amoral piece
of shit.   He didn't care if you liked him.   He got
results.   He was not heroic.   He occasionally used
horrible methods to accomplish 'good' things.   He was
scum.  He was essentially a super villain with his own
pet team of heroes.   But because the public only saw
the results and not the methods... he came off like a

    Part of that appeals to me.  It'd be so easy to
take moral short cuts to accomplish what I perceive to
be right.  He's everything I was afraid exists inside
me.  Because what right do I have to decide things for
everyone?   Andy is a part of me.   But he scares the
crap out of me. 

  Lucas Curry-- hearing impaired rock star with hot
artsie fartsie girlfriend. At the time I was writing
The Team... two parts of that were true.  Alas, now
only one, but I'm okay with that.   

  Very much the type of person I'd want to be.  And
really tried to be when I was dating said artsie
fartsie girl.  

 Dalton Asters-- what type of person WISHES they were
a nut job?   I mean honestly... the same basic forces
drive Dalton drive me.   He's just as likely to help
you for a peanut butter and bananna sandwhich as he is
for money.   Dalton is incredibly loyal to his
friends.  He is a bit of jerk, but is overall pretty
honorable.   He's got a basic 'live and let live'

  An ex-girlfriend who I dated off and on thinks Vel
is like me.   I tend to disagree.  He is sarcastic to
the point of being crass.  Intentionally rude and
refuse to listen to anyone he doesn't respect.  He's
smart and uses his brain as his greatest weapon 
(Okay, that part I can agree with.)  

   Vel is violent.   He doesn't necessarily like it...
but he doesn't go out of his way to avoid it either. 
When he's in brawl, he revels in the blood shed.  He's
the perfect fusion of intellect and animal.  He has
absolutely no qualms about killing.  He willing to
become a monster in order to fight them.   That's not
me at all.   

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