[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #26 - February 2006 [spoilers]

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Sun Mar 5 21:32:19 PST 2006

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>[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #26 - February 2006 [spoilers]
>Reviewed This Issue:
>      Academy of Super-Heroes #65  [ASH]
>     I dunno what I was expecting in a face off between the Leviathan and
>the Spirit of Venus - maybe a Kirby-esque scene of high bombasticity
>leavened with a possible fight scene (yes, I've been reading too many
>comic books :-).  Instead we get an amusing and to-the-point dialogue
>that reads something like a Piers Anthony novel (it's almost civil, and
>doesn't contain any screaming or profanities: 'Ahem.' 'Go away.' 'I don't
>think so.')  Of course, given the nature of the beings involved what
>appeared was probably not a direct representation of their conversation,
>but rather a translation into English from some esoteric form of
>communication - but that doesn't invalidate the point.

     Well, the battle took place on the conceptual plane, so what other
weapons ARE there than words?  

     Dave Van Domelen, notes it gets a bit more physical in #66.

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