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Sun Mar 5 12:51:46 PST 2006

Back in Mainstream Man #2, Tom Russell threw out this
probably rhetorical question:

>    "If I was a betting man," says Mainstream Man,
> "which I'm not (the comic books pretty much max out my
> financial resources [which reminds the humble author:
> do the legionnaires receive some kind of stipend or
> allowance?], which leaves out gambling) I'd place my
> money on it being someone new.

Tsk, I forgot all about this until last night when I was doing
double checking for the EoMR.  Yes, LNHers receive a
stipend of some sort.  Both Sidewinder in _Dvandom Force_
#37 and Skunk Girl in _Bride of C'thulhu_ #1 make
puchases with money from their little used stipend.
[Ob nasty paranoid thought: Of course, they could have been
lying, and got the money from robbing crime scenes and
blaming it on the villains that they had just chased off, just
like Mach I did in an early Thunderbolts crossover with

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