LNH/META: The Pleasures of Plot

Jamie Rosen jamie.rosen at sunlife.com
Wed Mar 1 13:40:12 PST 2006

>Some like their mysteries in the "cozy" tradition,
>others like Chandler (or, for that matter, Spillane).

Never one to leave a nit unpicked, I'd like to point out that Chandler
and Spillane are pretty far from the "cozy" mystery tradition. A cozy
mystery is something like Miss Marple; perhaps the best example would
be _Murder She Wrote_ -- specifically those set in Cabot Cove, whose
small town New England atmosphere pretty much epitomises the genre.

Chandler and Spillane are in the pulp/PI tradition -- hell, it could be
argued that they practically *are* that tradition.

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