ASH: ASH #69 - Manifest Destiny 5: Beetle Battle

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Wed Jun 28 07:08:51 PDT 2006

Dave Van Domelen wrote:

>      Yeah, therein lies one of the problems with announcing issue titles at
> the end of the previous issue.  I felt bound to keep the "Beetle Battle"

That's one of the reasons most of my stories don't have titles at all.

That, and I'm terrible at coming up with titles.

> title, even after I decided it would work better (for values of "work" that
> should become clear next issue) for the conflict to resolve the way it did.

Well, it's really a piddling complaint on my part.  If anything, you've
got me even more psyched for # 70.

>      Don't worry, plenty of fighting scheduled for #70.  And some significant
> payoff.  :)
>      Dave Van Domelen, outlined #70 yesterday.

Tom, finds it strange that he is craving fight scenes

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