LNH/META: For My Next Trick...

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Tue Jun 27 15:36:19 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:

> And, this question is addressed more generally to the group as a whole,
> what are some of your favourite Ultimate Ninja stories/moments, the
> ones that are the most archetypical UNesque, and also those that stick
> out like a sore thumb?  Don't be shy-- feel free to mention some of
> your own work if you feel it shows or highlights a particular take on
> the Ninja.

My favorite Ultimate Ninja Scene was in the Mirror Mirror story with
Sister State the Obvious.

"I'm scared."
"We're all scared."
"You don't look scared."
"I know."

The first two lines also appeared in the Star Trek OS Mirror Mirror
episode with Uruha and Kirk.  It's worth noting that this would have
been the first time I thought of Ultimate Ninja (or Kirk for that
matter) as a capable leader, ie someone who can inspire others.  I
think this characterized how Ultimate Ninja appeared from then on,
which is why it seemed so strange when other writers coming along later
would have him get drunk or have him "shaking in his Ninja booties"
because he's so scared. :-P


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