LNH/META: For My Next Trick...

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 27 12:34:46 PDT 2006

I've written a number of litcrit essays/reference documents for the LNH
over the course of the last year, and I think I know what subject I
want to tackle next.  However, it looks like I'm going to need YOUR

I've decided to start working on a comprehensive exploration of
arguably the most prolific, popular, and complex character in the "not
reserved" pool-- the master of the ginsu blade himself,
he-who-uses-maple-seeds-for-weapons-- the Ultimate Ninja!

This is going to necessitate reading through the bulk of the archives
in the order presented in the timeline, something I'm more than willing
to do.  But that's only one layer of the onion.

 Not only am I interested in the textual story of the Ultimate Ninja,
but also the metatextual one: the story of the public reaction to his
introduction, his appointment as leader, and to wReam and his work in

Since I wasn't around all those years ago, I'll be counting on some of
the old-timers among us to share their memories and reflections on Ray
Bingham (idol of millions) and his most popular and malleable creation.
 Feel free to share them in this thread, or via private email.

Any information you have to give would be very helpful, not just to me,
but to future LNHers.  Let's perserve a piece of internet history.

And, this question is addressed more generally to the group as a whole,
what are some of your favourite Ultimate Ninja stories/moments, the
ones that are the most archetypical UNesque, and also those that stick
out like a sore thumb?  Don't be shy-- feel free to mention some of
your own work if you feel it shows or highlights a particular take on
the Ninja.  I don't want to chance missing any notable or interesting



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