LNH/META: Legionnaires and the Authors Who Love Them

EDM Lite dreadpirate72 at netzero.com
Tue Jun 20 09:06:15 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> Ideally, there would be no need for it: people would be respectful
> enough of one another's people out of courtesy, they would ask
> permission, they would understand a character before they wrote it, et
> cetera.  But, the fact is, with different people having different
> conflicting points of view, the concept is necessary for a little
> protection.

I'm not particularly worried about how someone is going to use
my characters (I can't think of a single time they've been
portrayed in a way I didn't like, and in fact I'm always thrilled
when they're used).

But I do like the "reserved" status, because:

a). it makes it easier for me to keep track of where the characters
are, and explain how they were able to be in, say Net.ropolis and
Sig.ago at the same time (Spider-Man's disease); and

b). I can let other writers know if there are characters for whom I
have specific plans.  (One of my characters is about to go
through a BIG change, which would probably factor into any
appearances that character might have anyplace else).

This is particularly important for slow-posting folks like me...
I can think of some circumstances where I've asked to borrow
characters, received permission, and ended up finally
posting the stories long after the authors in question had
stopped being active on the 'net.

--Rob Rogers
--Easily-Discovered Man Lite of the LNH

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