LNH: Limerick Lass #2

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Tue Jun 20 08:01:18 PDT 2006

The heroes' receptionist Fred
About whom it e'er could be said
Was true to his post
Turned white as a ghost
And gasped, "It can't be, you were dead!"

So now it was her turn to gasp
As Lim'rick Lass couldn't quite grasp
What Fred's problem was.
"Relax, willya, cuz?"
She said as his hand she did clasp

"It's true my first outing went bust
Net.villains turned me into dust.
Since powers I lacked
I got myself whacked.
I'm back now as you may have sussed.

"Like Limericks my life is short,
A metered and lyrical sort.
But though I fall down
Don't you wear a frown!
In five lines I come right back, sport!"

Receptionist extr'ordinaire
Ran tired hands through thinning hair
"I guess I've seen odder
Like our Cannon Fodder
Who just burst into flames o'er there."

"So, cousin, could you help me out?"
She asked with adorable pout.
"I'd like to sign in,
Join this loony bin,
Before my next net.hero bout."


     Why did we not see her first fight?
     Well, space in here is really tight.
     To show a fight scene
     Would make me turn green
     And that would not be a nice sight.

     Next issue she may kick the bucket,
     Due to the ol' man from Nantucket.
     Predictable, yes
     But you'll never guess
     How Lim'rick Lass happens to luck it.

     Copyright 2006
     To Dvandom way out in the sticks
     All rights are reserved
     And credit deserved
     Vote for me in your RACCie picks!

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