LNH/META: Legionnaires and the Authors Who Love Them

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 19 09:32:12 PDT 2006

an LNH reference document
compiled by Tom Russell

   This document is a list of LNH characters, their
creators (if their creators are known), and their
reservation status.  It is not a roster, nor is it
   The scope of the document is to list characters who
could reasonably be present during any given LNH
story.   Members of other teams-- such as The Team,
Teenfactor, Dvandom Force, what have you-- are not
included in this list.  To create such a list would
surely drive an entire team of researchers insane, and
as it stands, there's only one of me and I can hardly
call myself a researcher.
   With a roster as large as the LNH, there are bound
to be numerous oversights.  Please point them out to
me, and I will correct them.
   The Saviours of the Net are _not_ included in this
list, if only because we have to see exactly what
happens at the story's conclusion. :-)
   Also, there are still a handful of cases in which
even my google-fu cannot uncover a creator's name. 
Any help with that would be much obliged.
   Sometimes, the character is written/reserved by an
author different than its creator; that author's name
is listed in brackets, after the name of the creator.
   I have designated five different statuses, and they
are as follows:

   N-- Not reserved.  This means that the character is
free for use by just about any author.  This does not
mean that you have free reign, however; take care not
to make a mess in the public sandbox.

   The other statuses are all variations of

   R-- Reserved.  If you want to use this character,
you'll have to ask their primary writer, and that's

   C-- Reserved, with permission to cameo.  In the
olden days of the LNH, it was alright to use even
reserved characters in the capacity of a short gag or
cameo.  These days, however, such behaviour is
generally frowned upon.  If a character is designated
with a C, though, then it's alright to do so.

   P-- Problem characters are reserved by their
authors, but that author has dropped off the net/RACC.
 Such characters are, of course, not for use. 
However, the problem arises in certain cases, in which
the character's history has become inextricably linked
with that of other characters.  For example, the
reserved Organic Lass is the wife of the unreserved
Pocket Man, and also serves as a doctor in the LNH Med

   D-- Deceased characters are considered to be
reserved by their authors.

   When I don't know the status of the character, I
generally assigned RESERVED status to be safe; an
exception are some of the pre-CPDC characters I found,
who haven't shown up in the interim: these I've
classified as NOT RESERVED.

   I'm sure that, despite my best efforts, the whole
thing is riddled with errors.  Please feel free to
correct me.

   Oh, and for the curious: this document started as a
guide for my own personal use, so that when I used one
of the unreserved characters, I didn't have to do a
google search to try and find their author's name when
doing character credits.  Anyway.
   Here it is!

_________	_______		______

Adamant           wReam             N

aLLiterative      Charles           P
Lass              Fitzgerald

All-Knowing-      wReam	            N

Anal-Retentive-   Saxon Brenton     R

Anything-You-     "Slash" Maraud    N
Do-Better Lad

Bad-Timing Boy    Vernon H. Harmon  N

Bandwagon Chick   Sue Clark         N

Bibliography      Jerry Boyajian    R
Boy               [Martin Phipps]	

Bicycle Repair    Chris Hare        N

Bizarre Boy       UNKNOWN           R
                  [Martin Phipps]

Bladed Lad        Campbell Marsh    N

Blue Wave         Jamie Rosen       R

Brain Boy         Sean Daughtery    R

Brand Name Boy    Mike Friedman     R

Browsing Boy      Jeff Klein        R
                  [Ben Rawluk]

California Kid    Daniel Danehy-    N

Cannon Fodder     wReam             N

CAPTAIN           wReam	            N

Captain CleanUp   "Storm"           N

Captain Napalm    UNKNOWN           N	

Catalyst Lass     Elisabeth Riba    N

Cauliflower, the  Arthur Spitzer    D
Miracle Pooch

Cheesecake-Eater  M. Jotham         N
Lad               Millheiser

Comics Snob Boy   Maurice Beyke     D

Confetti Girl     Mike Escutia      R

Convoluted Origin Badger            N

Coward Lad        Cory Smith &      N
                  Tom Russell

Curly             Doug Wojtowicz    N

Cynical Lass      Rob Rogers        R

Deductive Logic   wReam             N

Deja Dude         Martin Phipps     R

Doctor Stomper    T. M. Neeck       N

Domestic Lad      Ken Schmidt       N

Easily-           Rob Rogers        R
Discovered Man

Easily-           Rob Rogers        R
Discovered Man

Ebonics Lad       Tom Russell       D

Electrolysister   wReam             N

Elvis Man         Gary St. Lawrence N

Errand Boy        Eric Sturgeon     N

Escher Boy        K. M. Wilcox      R

Faq Boy           Jamas Enright     R

Figment Lad       Ted Faber         N

Forgetting One    Joel Finkle       N

Fourth Wall Lass  Saxon Brenton     R

Frat Boy          uplink            N

Fuzzboy           Tom Russell       D

Fuzzy             Connie Hirsch     N

Frothing-At-The-  Greg Morrow       N
Mouth Lad

Gamer Boy         uplink            N

GirlWatcher       Chris Gumprich    R

Golden Man        Chris Hare        N

Grammer Lad       Vincent J.        N
                  Murphy, Christian
                  Wagner & Jeff

Great             Ted Brock         R

Groundswell       Tom Russell       R

Haiku Gorilla     Tom Russell       C

Hamster Man       wReam             N

Hooded Ho`'od     wReam	            R
Win               [Jeff McCoskey]

Ike the Talking   Tom Russell       C

Impatient.Kid     Jim Cowling       N

Incredible Man-   Enrique Conty     N

Innovative-       uplink            N
Offense Boy

Insomnia Boy      Steve Husty	    N

Invisible         Danielle          N
Blithering Babe   Greenidge

Invisible-        Jamie Rosen       R
Intangible Lass

Invisible         Steve Hutchison   N

Incredible        Steve Husty       N
Unsleeping Man

Irony Man         Doug Moran        N

Kid Anarky        Stephane Savoie   N

Kid Chivalry      Andre Condon      R

Kid Citrus        Mike Escutia      R

Kid Kirby         H. Jameel         R

Kid Mysticism     Ben Rawluk        D

Kid Not           Badger            R
Appearing In      [Saxon Brenton]
Any Retcon Hour

Kid Poetry        Theron Ross       N

Kid Recap         Josh Geurink      N

Kid Unique        Steven Howard     R

Kid Yesterdaze    Karthik Sheka     N

Lackey Lad        Brian Mendus      N

Late-Nite Lad     Bill Moakler      N

Librarian Lady    Saxon Brenton     R

Liefeld's         Aaron Veenstra    N

Limp-Asparagus    Mystic Mongoose   R
Lad               & wReam
                  [Saxon Brenton]

Linguist Lass     Martin Phipps     R

List Lad          Scavenger         N

Lurker Lad        Gary Weiner       R
                  [Ben Rawluk]

Lurking Girl      Tori Fike         R

Living Monotone   Ted Brock         D

Lwo Ispep         Cory Smith        N

Mainstream Man    Marc A. Nicol     N

Manga Girl        Tom Russell       D

Manga Girl III    Adrian James      R

Marvel_Zombie     Ben Pierce        N

Master Blaster    Martin Phipps     N

Midnight Worker   Stephen McGinnis  N

Miss Translation  Jamie Rosen       R

Morgan Le Fab     Martin Phipps     R

Mouse             Jaelle            R

Mr. Elision       Tom Russell       C

Multi-Tasking Man Jeff Coleburn     N

Munchkin Man      Hubert Bartles    R

Namedropper Lad   Tom Russell       C

New Look Lass     Charles           R

Nomex Man         UNKNOWN           N

Normalizer        Jamie Rosen       R

Nudist Man        Tom Russell       N

Obscure Trivia    Brian Perler      N

Occultism Kid     Josh Geurink      D

Occultism Kid II  Josh Geurink      N

Old Comics Man    UNKNOWN           N

Onion Lad         Dane Martin &     R
                  Tom Russell
                  [Jesse Willey]

Opinionated Lad   uplink            R

Ordinary Lady     Martin Phipps     N

Organic Lass      Rebecca A.        P

Osmosis Lass      Sean Daughtery    R

Pants Rabbit Lad  Tom Russell       D

Parking Karma Kid Steve Simmons     N

Particle Man      H. Jameel         N

PC Person         wReam             N

Peelix the Cat    Tom Russell       R
                  [Jesse Willey]

Pizza Girl        Martin Phipps     R

Plotline Lad      Aaron Veenstra    R

Pompous Lad       Ken Small         R
                  [K. M. Wilcox]

Procrastination   Jason Kanner      N

Punctuality Lad   Michael J.        N

Pocket Man        Gary St. Lawrence N

Rebel Yell        Scavenger         R

Red Herring       Kieran            R

Renegade          wReam             N

Retcon Lad        Saxon Brenton     R

Ripping Dancer    Arthur Spitzer    N

Sarcastic Lad     Gary St. Lawrence N

Seductress        Martin Phipps     R

Self-Righteous    wReam             N

Sing-Along-Lass   Jeff Barnes       N

Sister State-     wReam             N

Skunk Girl        Ted Brock         R

Sleeps-With-      Tom Russell       R
Anything-Alive    [Jamie Rosen]

Sloberine         Mike McKellar     N

Special Bonding   wReam             N

Spelling Boy      Bill Sherman      N

Squeaky Clean     Maurice Beyke     N

Starts Arguments  Tom Russell       R
For No Apparent   [Jamie Rosen]
Reason Kid

Steak and         uplink            N
Potatoes Man

Super Apathy Lad  Jacob Lesgold     N

Teriyaki Chick    Jesse Willey      R

Theory Man        wReam             N

Time-Waster Lad   Ray Rich          N

Token Girl        Tara O'Shea       N

Typo Lad          Vincent J.        R

Ultimate          Tom Russell       R
Mercenary         [Adrian McClure]

Ultimate Ninja    wReam	            N

Very Big Boy      Saxon Brenton     R

WikiBoy           Tom Russell       C

Wordage Wizard    David P. Murphy   N

wReamHack         wReam             N

Writer's Block    Jaelle            R

Zowie!!!Boy       Michael Friedman  R


Tom Russell
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