[LNH] Limerick Lass #1 (well, everyone else is doing it)

Dave Van Domelen dvandom at haven.eyrie.org
Mon Jun 19 09:18:29 PDT 2006

There once was a lass from Net.ropolis
A city most famous and populous
Net.heroes it had
By handful and scad
Inspiring a feeling most tremolous

Our lass from the city's south side
Would always be forced to go hide
When villains attacked
Or the internet cracked
Long hours of her time she would bide

At last in a fit of some pique
The lass a solution would seek
Instead of a shelter
She'd run helter skelter
And cease to be humble and meek

And thus it did all come to pass
That she went out to kick evil's ass
To protect her home
In the form of a poem
As Net.hero Limerick Lass!


     To Dvandom the credit is due
     For making a heroine new
     In this issue one
     To have some weird fun
     Maybe he'll make an issue two?

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