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Boring Publications Presents...

Villanelle Villains #1

By Tim Munn

Belle was her name;
A villainess so villainous, it went beyond thought.
All she wanted was to play a little game.

Belle was a charming young woman, seemingly destined for fortune.
It was fame she sought, but not the type everyone thought.
Belle was her name;

She felt her life was very lame.
So she used all her financial power (or fought) to get those things for
which she sought:
All she wanted was to play a little game.

All her gadgetry with that famous brand name
(BarCo); the costume, which would destroy the nobility of the name
which her ancestors had fought.
Belle was her name;

And nothing would be the same.
A little voice in her mind: "Success cannot be bought!"
All she wanted was to play a little game.

It was Cityland she decided to tame.
Her mind and body turned on by the thought of getting caught.
Belle was her name;

None would forget that name!
Members of the Heroes Alliance fought hard, but Belle could not yet be
All she wanted to do was play a little game.

Yet the Heroes Alliance was large and powerful with members, too many
to name.
Belle's thoughts turned from excitement to fear at the prospect of
being caught.
Belle was her name;

Unknowingly destined to lose this game.
For her actions and the consequences thereof, her mind became
increasingly wrought.
All she wanted to do was play a little game.

Having reached near-desirable height in all levels, Belle made sure her
name would live on in fame.
Belle removed the belt that gave her powers, leaping from the BarCo
Building, too late to be caught.
Belle was her name;
All she wanted to do was play a little game.


Story and Character copyright 6/5/06 9:08 p.m. by Tim Munn

Author's Notes:  I'd first like to thank Tom Russell for his thoughts
on this tale, and to improving future stories of Villanelle Villains.
I originally wrote this after reading Haiku Gorilla.  I'm not that much
of a fan of the haiku, but I could easily enjoy Haiku Gorilla.
I've been itching to post something again, since posting Scenes In the
Life of Possible Man #4 back in December.  (I wanted to post something
this year ;)  I'm not entirely sure right now (since this is only the
second villanelle I've ever written), but there could probably be more
tales in villanelle form of villainous villains.  Heck, maybe a few
heroes.  We'll climb that mountain when we get there, wont we?

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