LNH: Legion of Net.Heroes vol 2. #17

martinphipps2 at yahoo.com martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 18 04:58:31 PDT 2006

Jesse Willey wrote:

>   Master Blaster was a little off in the annual
> because a certain persons (who shall remain nameless)
> wouldn't let me do everything I wanted to with their
> characters.

Come on, Jesse, name names.  There's nothing wrong, after all, with
people not wanting their characters butchered.  Anyway, you can't be
talking about me.  I let you do the Psykeye cameo and, gosh, he was
already dead.  I can take a joke, you know.

>    I was sloppy--- okay.  I needed a way out of this
> Master Blaster (eiher one) is Monark plot so I
> wouldn't piss Martin off.

???  Why couldn't Monark be the Unmarried Master Blaster from the
alternate timeline?  In fact, the impression I got was that he was...
or else why would Monark have exploded when Master Blater killed the
Unmarried Master Blaster?  I suppose having Applicant Lad become Monark
makes sense, excpet then why would he have thought he was Master
Blaster?  I'm so confused!

> > Comics fans, or so I've been told and can imagine,
> > were mightily let
> > down.  This was the most disappointing revelation in
> > comics history,
> > and would remain so until Stern wrote his "No, Ned
> > Leeds WASN'T really
> > the Hobgoblin" storyline.
>   Which was a Dematies retcon, right?  Because I
> remember reading issues where they said Ned Leeds WAS
> the Hobgoblin initially but had gotten killed and Jack
> O'Lantern found out, stole the suit and took over the
> role.

Actually, what happened was Roger Stern was the only one who knew who
the Hobgoblin was and when he was taken off Amazing Spiderman he didn't
tell anybody who Hobgoblin was supposed to be so they just decided it
was Ned Leeds until Roger Stern came back and finished the story the
way he had originally planned to finish it.


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