LNH: Onion Lad #9

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 07:23:18 PDT 2006

Jesse Willey wrote:

>   P.S.: Jesus was an atheist.   Another billion people offended.

Actually, no.  He wasn't.

Here you miss the point, Jesse: Martin's comments (and my own before)
were based on facts, albiet inconvient ones that are extrapolated in an
offensive way (for example, one _could_ argue that Mohammed's war to
convert Christians and slaughter infidels _could_ be qualified as
terrorism; however, I'm _not_ going to be caught dead making that

Why not try something like:

Jesus was a hippie.


Jesus was a Jew.


Jesus was afraid of women.  (Check out LUKE 8:40-48)


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