LNH: Onion Lad #9

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 06:52:47 PDT 2006

>A good example of what I mean is Jesse's
>characterisation of Vel in
>this issue.  Vel won't help Onion Lad because he
>doesn't like him, even
>though Onion Lad faces certain death at the hands of
>Dr. ICBINB.  What
>an @$$hole.

  The same scene plays out in the last issue of Vel. 
He won't help Onion Lad because 1) he doesn't like him
and 2) he's in the middle of abducting his son to get
him treated for a genetic disorder.   

   Yes, Vel could have taken out Doctor ICBINB in
about five seconds.   Doing that in his own book would
have been fine.  Doing so in Onion Lad's book would
have disrupted the plot and dramatic tension.  Plus,
I'd have to reveal that Vel's dad was Jack Bauer and
his mom was Mary Sue.  Though if you think about it...
that'd be inbreeding.  
>And he's supposed to be the hero.  UN doesn't like
>ANYBODY but he'll still save them.  That's his job. 
>Next time Vel faces certain death (although his
>series is over so he's safe I guess) I want the
>villain to win.  Let somebody else save the universe.

  We know what happens to Vel from here on in.   His
other's wife gives birth.  He has his own son and
adopted daughter to raise.  His other's wife dies and
he's stuck being an Ambassador General and a father.   

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