LNH: Onion Lad #9

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 16 06:34:34 PDT 2006

> I disagree.  Again, I think Jesse was trying to be
> like Hitchcock and I
> think, here, it worked. I think that when a
> character is in danger, it
> is a good time to move to the first person, to see
> things from (his or)
> her point of view. 

   Exactly... and it is usually when under stress when
that things... particularly things one isn't so proud
of, come out.      

 Third person is a bit more
> detached: the reader is
> provided with information the character doesn't
> know; the reader is
> then less likely to identify with the character's
> dilemma.  First
> person doesn't work so well with description or
> exposition though,
> because people don't think that way normally,
> especially in crisis
> situations.

  Again, you hit the nail on the head here.

  P.S.: Jesus was an atheist.   Another billion people offended.

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