[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #29 - May 2006 [spoilers]

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Mon Jun 12 07:23:21 PDT 2006

Saxon Brenton wrote:

>      What I do know is that as early as the putative explanation
> in issue 1, that the appearance, partial explanation and sudden
> disappearance by the alien 'because he'd been discovered' seemed a
> little too contrived to me.  Perhaps the alien's situation was as it
> really claimed, or perhaps that was simply a sudden cut-off contrived
> to give the minimal of information without allowing the possibility of
> Roz being able to ask further questions.  And then in issue 3 Kara makes
> contact with a individual with a lilting mechanical-voice - just like
> the same lilting mechanical voice of the alien.  Uh-huh.  Well, at this
> point I'm prepared to say that I don't think Kara *organised* Roz's
> empowerment, since it would take greater resources than she's been shown
> to have so far.  However, it's becoming pretty clear that she's involved
> with whoever did organise it, and moreover I'm prepared to guess that
> maybe Kara had some input into the form that Roz's empowerment would
> take.  Say, if it was organised in advance, perhaps Kara influenced who-
> ever gave Roz her powers to give her those powers in a form that would
> play on Kara's fetishes as part of the payment to train and monitor Roz
> later.

Good catch!  Assuming Jerry knows of other adjectives other than
"lilting" and "mechanical" then it would appear that the people we saw
at the beginning of 1 and end of 3 are one in the same.  But that would
either mean they are not aliens or that there are aliens living amongst
us in disguise.  After all, how do aliens go about depositing money
into someone's bank account?

"I'd like to open up an account from which I can perform monetary
"Okay.  Will that be in local currency or the currency of your home

See what I mean?  And even if we assume they can transfer money into
her account, wouldn't she have had to have gotten a downpayment first?
Or maybe this isn't the first time she's worked with them and she
trusts them enough to do a job for them and get paid later.


PS: Matthew Almighty III?

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