META: Your Loved Ones

Tim Munn drtimphd at
Sun Jun 11 08:55:05 PDT 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> How involved are your loved ones with RACC?  Are they even aware that
> it exists?  Do you bounce story or character ideas off of them?  Have
> you ever persuaded anyone to join the group?  (I've persuaded Cory
> Smith and Anthony Ringwelski, neither of whom stayed for very long.)
> Have you showed them pieces of your own writing?  Have you given them
> pieces of other people's writing because you think they'll enjoy it
> and/or the writing is itself exemplary?  How many of your loved ones
> are big on comic books in the first place?
> I'm not sure if this will be a useful discussion exactly, as it doesn't
> pertain directly to writing.  But it could be an interesting and
> fruitful one.  Those of you willing to share, please do.
> --Tom

Since I'm in front of a keyboard:

Some of my family are fairly involved.  I somtimes bounce ideas off my
mom, brother and sisters.  My sisters were even involved in the process
of creating a character.  My younger sister even created a character,
though she didn't get tooo far into the story, it was quite good.
Aside from my younger sister starting on a character, I've never gotten
anyone to join.  :(  Of course I've showed them my writing  ;)  Even
though my mom at least is a regular reader (of books), I don't think
she gets super-heroes.  She knows I like funny-books and like writing
super-heroic fantasy (for I have a list of _everything_ super-heroic
I've written and am writing, and in big bold letters atop those pages:
SUPER-HEROIC FANTASY), but has enjoyed little else.  My younger sister
will buy a comic on certain occasions, but isn't big on them.  My
brother is into comics like me.  I keep telling him he should write
(he's talented enough I believe).  He is more into fantasy like Conan
than super-heroes.

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