META: Your Loved Ones

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Sat Jun 10 22:08:19 PDT 2006

Saxon Brenton wrote:

> Tut tut, Mr Russell.  After the recent posting of _Easily-Discovered
> Man_ #46, I *know* there are other writers out there much slower
> than I am.

A joke.  That's why I had the smiley.

:-P does mean sarcasm or silliness, doesn't it?

I still haven't quite figured out most emoticons and other internet
abbreviations.  For example,



<end>.  I know one of them gets a slash, but I'm never sure which one
and end up resorting to guessing.

At any rate, sorry if I've given anyone offense...

... and I *was* calling _myself_ a slow writer at the same time.


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