[LNH/ACRA] Onion Lad #8

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 8 12:30:18 PDT 2006

Jamas Enright wrote:
> That was the point of Doomsday (and shows they did get Superman) in that
> here was someone he couldn't outthink. Whatever Superman tried, Doomsday
> just punched his way through it. This was the one opponent Superman had to
> take on physically and give his all to because there was no other way to
> stop Doomsday.

That's a good point, Jamas.  I didn't think of it that way.

Still, for my money, the Reform of Luthor/Death of Superman Imaginary
Story from the sixties is still the best "Death of Supes" I've ever


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