LNH: Vel #16

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 6 07:42:15 PDT 2006

Jamas Enright wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Jun 2006 martinphipps2 at yahoo.com wrote:
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> >  Later, Pizza Girl went to see Charlie Risk, the Living Decoy.
> Er, isn't Charlie Risk now Acton Lord II? Who, last I knew, was locked
> away? (The Alt.Riders #21)

The truth is finally sussed: it was, in reality, Myron T. Feebles,
*disguised* as Charlie Risk, *disguised* as Lagneto.

But wait, I here you say: wasn't Myron T. Feebles sentenced to life
imprisonment for kidnapping in the pages of NET.ROPOLIS (with the
permission his creator, Hubert Bartels)?

No!  Myron T. Feebles would _never_ kidnap someone; it was blatantly
out of character!  Which means that it must have been Charlie Risk
*disguised* as Myron T. Feebles, thus freeing up the real Myron to
impersonate Risk impersonating Lagneto.

No, wait: if he was imprisoned for life in the pages of Alt.Riders, and
probably Acton Lord II _before_ Net.ropolis #... 8? ...9?-- it couldn't
have been Charlie Risk.

So maybe it was Ven-Dorr!  He's a master of disguise!  Ven-Dorr
disguised as Charlie Risk disguised as Myron T. Feebles-- but wait, no,
Ven-Dorr can disguise himself as any kind of soda machine.  I don't
think that "master if disguise" applies to any non-soda machine and,
let's face it, the Ultimate Ninja would have seen through _that_.

But... but...

... but ...

What if it was Cannon Fodder, disguised as Ven-Dorr, disguised as
Charlie Risk, disguised as Myron T. Feebles?  Once he got to the
prison, he could commit suicide and end up in the Peril Room, good as
new!  But, wait.  Why on earth would Cannon Fodder kidnap a couple of
kids in the first place?

Oh, wait!  I've got it!

When Panta was "Tenchified", it may have also tenchified her cast,
including Myron T. Feebles: this resulted in _two_ different Feebles
who somehow co-existed, by some fluke, in the same Looniverse.  One of
them is still at large, having impersonated Charlie Risk impersonating
Lagneto in Vel # 16.

The other, obviously the one created during TALES OF THE LNH # 370, is
responsible for the kidnapping: Myron T. Feebles disguised as Cannon
Fodder disguised as Ven-Dorr disguised as Charlie Risk, disguised... as
Myron T. Feebles.

--Continuity Cop Tom

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