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A day late, but just as tasty...

LUV + H8 #2 by Chris Munn
B43: The Story So Far... by Kevin Joyce


LUV + H8 #2
By Chris Munn

Henry Savant VIII tugged on the collar of his shirt, freeing his throat
from the constriction of the bowtie that was affixed around his neck.
He looked horrible in the tuxedo, like someone had stapled a bat to his
throat. His slight gut was pressed tightly against the belt that kept
his slacks from falling down, and he was just incredibly uncomfortable.
He hated dressing to the nines, but as he stood in the corner of the
Empire Ballroom he thanked his lucky stars that he at least had his
anonymity intact.

He'd been asked to attend the party by his boss - his childhood friend
- Quentin Cordova. He'd been in attendance for over an hour, and he
still didn't know why he'd been asked to come. He'd watched through
eyes half closed by boredom as Quentin made his way through the people
that had paid their money to be seen amongst Atlantic City's high
society. A famous actor, the one from that movie that Henry had been
forced to endure but just couldn't understand why dames loved it, had
already made a drunken embarrassment out of himself. A politician, one
that he couldn't help but believe to be way too conservative for his
old friend's tastes, was giving out handshakes like they were hundred
dollar bills to anybody that chanced a glance in his direction. Cordova
seemed to be perfectly at home amongst them all, smiling so broadly
that it just couldn't have been genuine, swimming through the sea of
people like a shark ready to feast at any moment.

And then there was Henry, who was perfectly happy being ignored. A
slightly tipsy model had been the only one to attempt a conversation,
but Savant brushed her aside with barely a grunt. Not enough meat on
her bones for his liking, he'd reasoned, but that wasn't it. Not the
real reason, anyway.

"Weren't you in that movie?" the girl had asked, her arm clumsily
slipped around his, her drink sloshing out onto the floor with each
broad movement of her hand. "You know, that black and white one that
came out a while back?"


Bush43: The Story So Far...
By Kevin Joyce

Summarizing Bush43 #1-19, The Story So Far... provides a launching
point for Bush43 Daily which begins Monday, June 5th.

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