[LNH] Vel #16

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  Later, Pizza Girl went to see Charlie Risk, the Living Decoy.
  "Charlie," she said, "thanks."
  Charlie smiled.  "It's okay.  Makes a change, impersonating someone
and not getting killed I mean."
  "Is $200 enough?"
  "Sure."  He frowned.  "But why did you do it?  Have me impersonate
your father, Lagneto, I mean."
  Pizza Girl sighed.  "Jennifer is a bit... stubborn."
  Charlie laughed.  "You were going to say pig headed?"
  "Something like that," Pizza Girl admitted.  "I'm sure Doctor
Stomper's prognosis was correct.  I mean the baby barely survived
  Charlie frowned.  "Would she really have put the baby's life at risk?
 I mean, if sending the baby back to her father's homeworld was the
only way..."
  "She'd have to believe it was the only way.  I can understand,
really.  I mean, if you've been in labour for nine months and then you
have to give the baby up..."
  "I suppose so," Charlie said, scratching his head, "I mean I can
impersonate women but actually getting pregnant, let alone carrying a
baby to term, that's something I could never do.  I'll have to take
your word for it."
  Pizza Girl blushed.  "Oh.  Well, I've never had a baby either.  Not
yet.  I'd like to.  Someday.  After I get married, of course."
  "Is there somebody...?"
  Pizza Girl bit her lip and nodded.  "Yeah.  We haven't set a date yet
  "Thanks."  Pizza Girl sighed.  "Actually, I wish I could contact my
father actually could come and see me get married.  But the world
believes him to be dead.  And if they knew the truth..."  Pizza Girl
looked off in the distance as if that's where her father was.  "He'd be
a wanted man.  They'd hunt him down."
  "I understand."  Charlie thought for a moment.  "You know, if you
want your father at your wedding I could impersonate him for you."
  Pizza Girl laughed.
  "No, seriously, I don't get invited to many weddings."
  "No," Pizza Girl said.  "When the time comes, I might have to tell
Jennifer the truth.  I don't want her angry with me."
  "You think the girl would hold a grudge?"
  "I don't know," she admitted.  "I did what I had to do.  Just like
Vel is doing what he has to do.  I just hope Jennifer understands."
  Charlie nodded sadly.

Pizza Girl and Seductress created by Martin Phipps
Vel created by Wesse Jilley
Lagneto created by Jef Kolodziej
Charlie Risk created by Scavenger (!)

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