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Jen held the baby in her arms.    One could hardly tell the child had
any dorfan blood at all.   The ridges had yet to develop and its skin
tone was only slightly off standard human tint.   He was resting
peacefully.   Doctor Ja'Khaleem and Vel walked into the room.   Vel
took a seat right next to them and place his arm around Jen.

	"What?  What's wrong?" she asked.
	"Jennifer... I'm sorry.  The tests showed what we feared,"
Ja'Khaleem said.  "The genetic sequence that creates a protective
barrier from the use of his own powers just don't work.  Dran could
become very ill."
	"So... use stem cells or nanobots or whatever," she said.
	"Jen, it's not that simple.   As far as history confirms, there
has only been one other human dorf hybrid... that's me.  I don't
have any super powers.   Without some sort of template of how these
powers are supposed to work in such a hybrid... we can't even begin
to make an educated guess.  We just don't have the equipment," Vel

	Jen stared at him showing almost no expression.

	"Are you trying to tell me my son is going to die?" she snarled.
	"No... not if we hurry," Vel whispered.
	"Vel... we both know you only whisper when you don't want me to
hear something," Jen said.
	"A colleague of mine runs a research station in orbit of Derfax
VII... a Dorfan protectorate world.   Its computer system is capable of
making the necessary predictions," Ja'Khaleem said.
	"What's the catch?" Jen said.
	"The base is a dorfan state secret.   You wouldn't be granted
access under any circumstances.   If it weren't for my diplomatic
credentials... neither would I.   But I know these people.  They're
good Doctors.   They could save him," Vel said.
	"Are you saying you want to take my son away?" Jen shouted.  "I
won't have it."

	Vel stood up and headed for the door.

	"It'd only be for a few years.   Until we were sure it worked,"
Vel said.
	"No Vel... I won't let you do this..." she said.
	"I had a feeling you'd say that," Vel said.   "You'll be
hearing from my lawyer."

	   Vel #16
	   Like Father, Like Son Part Two of Three
	   A Killfile Wars Tie-In Event
               For The Child
	   By Jesse N. Willey

	Vel dialed his cellphone. The evening breeze blew thru his hair.
It kept ringing and ringing.   After staying on the line for more than
five rings the phone someone on the other end finally picked up.

	"Marcia?" he said.
	"I need a favor..." Vel said.
	"If you want your old job back... I already gave it to a nice
Canadian woman," she sighed.  "Though your other position is still

	Vel rolled his eyes.

	"I'll pass..." Vel said.  "Look... I wouldn't even be
calling if it weren't a matter of life or death."
	"I know."
	"So will you do it?"
	"What's in it for me?"
	"You know how you always said you'd do anything to ride in a
spaceship?  Here's your chance.  All you have to do is...."


	Pizza Girl came in Jen's hospital room and placed the gift bag down.
  Jen was holding the baby close to her.    The two women stared at
each for a confused moment.  Pizza Girl finally broke the silence.

	"He's soo cute," Pizza Girl said.
	"Thank you," she said.
	"Look, I heard about what Vel threatened to do... and I think he's
totally wrong," Pizza Girl said.  "There has to be some other way.
Something we aren't thinking of."
	"I keep telling myself that.   In spite of the opinion of three of
the greatest geneticists in the known universe have told me."
	"Actually... there is one you haven't consulted with yet.   He's
a bit an expert on mutations and other forms of paranormal
abilities," Pizza Girl said.   "I-I think I can get in touch with

	Jen raised an eyebrow.

	"You don't mean," she said.
	"Yes... I do."
	"I'll think about it."


	Vel walked toward the door that led to the stairway.   He turned his
head and caught a glimpse of Frat Boy and Weiner Boy arm in arm talking
about something.

	"Yeah, we got the results on the body.  It is definitely Sergio,"
Frat Boy said.
	"But why?" Weiner Boy said.
	"I think you know..."
	"Greetings, gentleman," Vel said.
	"This isn't what it looks like," Frat Boy said.
	"It's my business because..." Vel said.  "By the way... you
wouldn't happen to know where find a surgical mask to cover this
forehead would you?"

	The building rocked.   The barriers along the out rim of the building
the stopped Depressed Man from leaping to his death crumbled and became
rubble on the streets below.

	"What the hell was that?" Weiner Boy asked.
	"Probably another Killfile attack," said Vel.
	"Or Master Blaster.   He's been acting weird since Ninja stole
from him," Frat Boy said.  "And I mean weird for him."
   (See LNH Vol 2. Annual #1)


	Lagneto entered Jen's hospital room.  He held a chart in his hand
and examined Dran for the fourth or fifth time.   The muscles in his
forehead tensed.

	"How'd he get here so fast?" Jen said.
	"Remember how I said I might be able to get in contact with him?"
Pizza Girl said.  "Well... I already called him.   He was on his way
when I told you."
	"But how did you get past security?" she asked.
	"If you think the Killfiles are your only opponents with ways around
your security you are sadly misinformed," Lagneto said.  "But if
you must know... Ultimate Ninja forgot to cancel parents day."

	Jen gazed at him.

	"It was a joke.   I do have a sense of humor.  I know... you heroes
like to think of villains as psychopaths without any sort of human
emotion... but we're not," he said.
	"Look... can you just tell us what we want to know?" Jen asked.

	Lagneto coughed.

	"I'm afraid I have to agree with Vel, and Doctors Stomper and
Ja'Khaleem's assessment of this case.  Any conventional earth based
treatment would kill young Dran within hours," Lagneto said.  "Now,
if you'll excuse me... I must leave before the rest of your team
realizes I am here."


	Stomper and Ja'Khaleem were outside the building eating their
lunches when the explosions started.   Ja'Khaleem had just finished
eating a jerkied gruv that he had hunted himself sometime before he
left for Earth.

	When they reached LNH headquarters there was a hole in the northeast
wall.   Stomper took a few glimpses around and knew and almost
instinctively took a duck for cover.  Ja'Khaleem on the other hand
was a dorf.  Their fight or flight reflex was a little skewed.   So
much so that it was a more of a fight or fight harder reflex.

	"For the glory!" Ja'Khaleem shouted.

	The area was rocked with a series of smaller explosions.   The
sidewalk rumbled beneath him.    Ja'Khaleem fell ten feet into the
sewers below.   Stomper ran back toward the nearest grating.     After
the about the ten minutes he made his way through the muck of the
sewers guided by the light of the eyes and ear checking thing from his
medical kit.  Eventually he found the glow of the light of the city
above and Ja'Khaleem.

	"Stomper," he gasped.
	"Are you alright?" Stomper said.
	"My granddaughter... make sure she is raised in the way of the
warrior.   Her parents... Shoulbi guide them true... were slain by the
cowardly Killfile's attack on the homeworld.   She came to me shortly
after.  Soon I too will be gone.   Tell Vel to look after her like she
was his own..." Ja'Khaleem muttered.
	"But..." he said.
	"I travel now... to the fire pits of Dorfia!"

	To Be Continued...

Seductress and Pizza Girl created by Phartin Mipps.  Ja'Khaleem, Vel
and Marcia created Jesse N. Willey.   Weiner Boy created by Dane
Martin.  Lagneto created by unknown and  Reserved by Phartin Mipps.
Doctor Stomper and Frat Boy are public domain.

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