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Arthur Spitzer wrote:
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> > Tom Russell wrote:
> >>> From an exchange in CUTE ANNA CRYPT LOOTER # 6--
> >>
> >>> Self-Righteous Preacher went over to
> >>> speak to Master Blaster.  "You never
> >>> said you were Catholic," he said.
> >>> "You didn't ask."
> >>> "Why don't you ever attend my services?"
> >>
> >> -- it's implied that Self-Righteous Preacher is, himself, Catholic.
> >> I've always seen him more on the American Religious Right-- that whole
> >> Protestant/Southern Baptist/Tent Revival tradition which, at times, can
> >> be down-right distrustful of the Catholic Church (though not as much
> >> recently).  And, you know, he is Self-Righteous Preacher, not
> >> Self-Righteous Deacon or Self-Righteous Father.
> Don't think he's Catholic.  His two favorite people seem to be Pat Robertson
> and Jerry Falwell.  I think those two are Southern Baptists so the
> Preacher is probably one too.
> >>
> >> Are there any other stories I might be missing where SRP's denomination
> >> is specified or implied?  Basically, the story I have in mind has him
> >> meeting either the Pope or an Archangel (both of which I think have
> >> equal comic potential), and the question of Catholic/Protestant is the
> >> one that would tip it one way or the other.
> The Pope from Teenfactor?  :)  Or should we forget about that guy?

Please do.

Jesse Willey pretty much adopted my old characters and plotlines, which
is fine, most of the time; by the same token, he's not so good with
exposition and so sometimes, unless you've read TEENFACTOR, you won't
have as good of a handle on the characters. But, at the same time, I
don't want anyone to have to read through TEENFACTOR.

My solution?  Later this year, I will write a resource document
detailing the continuity and history of the characters, and pointing
out the half-dozen issues that might be worth reading.  A little
resource document I'll call--


I dunno.  It might be a little too masturbatory or masochistic, or
perhaps even a little bit of both. :-)

> wReamicus Maximus obviously worships Dave Van Domelen. }->


Tom Russell didn't write Teenfactor at all.  The "Tom Russell" of
1997-2000, who kept trying to curry Dvandom's favour, was in fact
wReamicus Maximus in disguise!

> Cannon Fodder?  Hmm.  I wonder where he goes to when he dies.  I did have

Saxon covered this in the DEATH OF CHEESECAKE-EATER LAD mini.


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