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> Tom Russell wrote:
>>> From an exchange in CUTE ANNA CRYPT LOOTER # 6--
>>> Self-Righteous Preacher went over to
>>> speak to Master Blaster.  "You never
>>> said you were Catholic," he said.
>>> "You didn't ask."
>>> "Why don't you ever attend my services?"
>> -- it's implied that Self-Righteous Preacher is, himself, Catholic.
>> I've always seen him more on the American Religious Right-- that whole
>> Protestant/Southern Baptist/Tent Revival tradition which, at times, can
>> be down-right distrustful of the Catholic Church (though not as much
>> recently).  And, you know, he is Self-Righteous Preacher, not
>> Self-Righteous Deacon or Self-Righteous Father.

Don't think he's Catholic.  His two favorite people seem to be Pat Robertson
and Jerry Falwell.  I think those two are Southern Baptists so the
Preacher is probably one too.

>> Are there any other stories I might be missing where SRP's denomination
>> is specified or implied?  Basically, the story I have in mind has him
>> meeting either the Pope or an Archangel (both of which I think have
>> equal comic potential), and the question of Catholic/Protestant is the
>> one that would tip it one way or the other.

The Pope from Teenfactor?  :)  Or should we forget about that guy?

> Anyway, the upshot is that SRP probably isn't Catholic (as you point
> out).  In fact, given that wReam created him, I would guess that he
> (like wReam) is a Mormon.  (Hence wReam's joke about Late Night Lad
> injecting himself with caffeine as if it were an illicit drug.)  SRP
> was, as you already guessed, created based on wReam's own reaction to
> the Woody scandal.  SRP is, therefore, effectively yet another of
> wReam's WCs.  (There was an early Ultimate Ninja story in which
> Ultimate Ninja assumed the role of Deductive Logic Man to solve a
> mystery but then wReam listed Deductive Logic Man as a separate
> character in the roster.)

I don't think SRP is a Mormon.  (I don't think wReam would want the Preacher
as a representative of his religion either)

wReamhack, Special Bonding Boy, and Sister State the Obvious would probably
be Mormons.

I can't see the Ultimate Ninja worshipping anything.  (I think I'd leave the
whole wReam is all his characters back in the Pre-Cry.Sig where it belongs.)

wReamicus Maximus obviously worships Dave Van Domelen. }->

Deductive Logic Man would believe in logic and rational thought.  So he
wouldn't be religious.  :)

Cannon Fodder?  Hmm.  I wonder where he goes to when he dies.  I did have
him pray to some deity in the Cauliflower mini before he shot himself.
Perhaps he goes to Heaven when he dies and he can choose whether he stays in
Paradise or returns back to life to save the world.  Might make an
interesting story.

MacLaughlin Man?  Probably some type of Christian.  Of course he's good
buddies with wReamicus so maybe he secretly worships Dave Van Domelen too.

Hooded Ho`'od Win?  All-Knowing-Last-Chance-Destiny Woman?  Who knows.

> So, no, it doesn't look as though SRP is Catholic.  But he could still
> meet the Pope.  The two men would probably find a lot of common ground.
> I don't know if it would make a good story though.  Doesn't a good
> story need conflict?  Maybe it'd be a good idea to make SRP a Catholic
> hating Protestant after all. :)

He probably doesn't hate Catholics.  Probably just finds them misguided.

Of course his favorite cartoonist is probably Jack Chick.

And we know what Jack Chick thinks of Catholics.

> Martin

Arthur "What would Gamer Boy worship?" Spitzer

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