[NEW/LNH] Saviors of the Net #12.5: 'A <click> within the Darkness'

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 20:14:41 PDT 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> in article 1149179454.141772.193630 at u72g2000cwu.googlegroups.com, Tom
> Russell at milos_parker at yahoo.com wrote on 6/1/06 9:45 AM:

> > Arthur Spitzer just wrote a NEW ISSUE OF THE SAVIOURS OF THE NET!
> > ...Even if he can't spell saviours correctly. :-P
> I'm an American, Tom.  We're the only people in the world that
> spell words like Savior, Humor, Color, Armor, and Savor correctly.
> Unless I'm mistaken didn't you used to be an American, Tom?

Feh.  And I bet you spell "through" as "thru", don't you?

But, yes, I am still an American, and proud to be.

> When did you become Canadian Spelling Guy?
>  :-P

Was the post open?  Because I don't really have a WC at the moment.

> Who knows.  I only have a couple pages of it written and wrote those
> a few years back.  I suppose after I post #17 I might write some
> half-ass version just to get it over with once and for all.

Actually, I believe the word you're looking for is "half-assed". :-P

> Arthur "My Spellchecker is Red, White, and Blue" Spitzer


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