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> At any rate, I'd like to read more OMEGA stories, and so I'm asking
> you, the RACC reader, to highlight those characters, series, arcs, and
> issues that are the creme de la creme: the ones that can't afford to be
> missed: The Greats.
> --Tom

The best Omega Miniseries I think was
Marc Singer's Epitaphs.

Nice story about the immortal called Hannibal's

Legacy was very good.  The Warren issue was
good and the Fix Saga (which I can't remember
what issues those were) was also fun.

I think Tempest was my favorite Omega series.

Issue #10 is very good, but you probably need
to read all the issues before it to get the
full impact.

Some of Badger's best writing.

The First Tempest Annual had a rather funny
parody of the Comic Industry that Marc Singer
wrote.  Frank Miller, Alan Moore, Rob Liefeld
and others take their shot at writing

Jeff McCoskey's Voyeur was very good.  The three parter
Triage is Jeff's best non-LNH work.  I think that
was #5-7 (can't remember).  Very good though.

My favorite Omega crossover was Tazakles Gambit.

Marc Singer, Badger, and Chad Imbrogno did a very
well constructed Crossover.

The issue involving the Omega named Warren was probably
one of the best single issues.

The first time I read Rig Veda I hated it, but the second time
I read it I thought it was pretty good.

Covenant and Pulse were good too.

Arthur "Big Brother is not reading this" Spitzer

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