META: The Greats: Omega Edition

Tom Russell milos_parker at
Thu Jun 1 09:54:14 PDT 2006

April's discussion thread, THE GREATS, was started in order to
celebrate the fourteenth anniversary of the LNH.  I think it was very
successful, and that it shined some light on some gems that we may have
overlooked.  In that spirit, I ask my fellow RACCers to champion
similarily great writing in the Omega imprint.  There is a selfish
reason for this.

I never really got into OMEGA when it was active; I was too hung up on
reading for the plot, for the point of things, and so character work
was lost on me.  Also, it had a reputation as being a "dark and
paranoic" universe, full of evil corporations, and that wasn't really
my thing.

And, technically, it still isn't: I like writing that's more joyful and
optimistic.  But I'm sure somewhere in the archives there are Omega
stories that are less dark and shadowy; and even dark and shadowy can
be good: I've started reading COVENANT and I really like that comedic
bastard, evil megacorporation Dynamax be damned.

The only other OMEGA story I've read so far is OMEGA NIGHTS, which I
enjoyed more than anyone has reason to enjoy a story.  It's a lot of
fun, despite of (or because of?) its tawdry subject matter.

At any rate, I'd like to read more OMEGA stories, and so I'm asking
you, the RACC reader, to highlight those characters, series, arcs, and
issues that are the creme de la creme: the ones that can't afford to be
missed: The Greats.


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