[LNHY/Promo] Limp Precogs: 'Devil' Trade Etherback release

Saxon Brenton saxonbrenton at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 14 19:26:49 PDT 2006

[LNHY/Promo] Limp Precogs: 'Devil' Trade Etherback release

Early last year I went and reread my 45 part 'A Devil Came Down To
Georgia' story arc and decided to collect it into TEB format.  And
then after going to the effort of collecting all the pieces together
promptly forgot about it as my flashbulb-like attention span wandered
off somewhere else.

But in the last three days I've dusted off the text file and finally
finished doing the editing. Unlike the Herculean efforts that Tom
Russell's been putting into polishing up the stories within his TEB
releases, my main interest was to get all the bits together into an
easy-to-read place (and it seems that the natural break points argue
for three chunks of 15 issues each), plus some minor corrections of
spelling errors or missing words.

So prepare yourself for the reissue of the story that features demonic
socks, wolf-headed saints, biomechanical body horror, food fight-fu,
and a full-on fight scene with the duelling banjo kangaroos.

Saxon Brenton     Uni of Technology, city library, Sydney Australia
    saxon.brenton at uts.edu.au

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