[LNH] Deja Dude / Master Blaster Special #11

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 11 14:38:06 PDT 2006


martinphipps2 at yahoo.com wrote:

> Earth.  Or, alternatively, he could have simply placed the rock on dry
> land, as it was implied that it was the water that was activating the
> crystal.  But the plot demanded that Superman end up falling from space
> so logic goes out the window.

Actually, it was stated that the crystal takes on the attributes of the
substances it is in proximity to; since it was placed in a Kryptonite
cylinder, it took on those attributes.

It might have just taken on the features or attributes of the dry land.

I got the impression still that he gave it one last giant push-- it
might be that because the object was so frickin' huge that it didn't
appear to move fast-- I think it was probably moving quite fast for an
object of that size.

> I admit that my physics background makes it hard for me to suspend
> belief during a Superman movie. :)

I understand that with a story like LNH vol. 2 # 15, in which my bad
physics was the crux of the plot.  But in a story like this, you may
want to work a little harder on suspending disbelief; you don't want to
be that guy whining because the Hulk still has Banner's pants. :-)

> Martin

Tom misses "Great Wall of China Vision" from Superman IV.

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