[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #30 - June 2006 [spoilers]

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Tue Jul 11 02:58:39 PDT 2006

On Monday 10 July 2006 Dave Van Domelen
  <dvandom at haven.eyrie.org> replied:

>>Academy of Super Heroes #69  [ASH]
>>'Beetle Battle'   (Manifest Destiny  part 5)
>>An Academy of Super-Heroes [ASH] series
>>by Dave Van Domelon
>      Van Domelen.  :)

Oh, crap.  That darn typo -again-.  <fumes>

You realise of course this is because Dyslexia of the Finishless
(from way back in the _Electrocutioners Song_) took great
offense at the fact that you never got into Gaiman's _Sandman_
series and has been persecuting you ever since, and she's
NEVER going to let up.  Just saying.  :-)

>>(At first I wondered if perhaps the 'Beetle Battle' was an additional,
>>metaphorical, reference to conflicting searches for Gimble).
>       And here's where the whole postmodern "authorial intent need not be 
>paid attention to" idea gains some credence.  I really didn't think of that 
>at ALL, but it works just fine.  :)

I am glad that me thinking too much has come of some use.

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