[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #30 - June 2006 [spoilers]

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 08:11:35 PDT 2006

> The second involves the
> melodrama of Seductress
> screaming at Vel the moment she doesn't get her own
> way.  Now, a bit of
> melodramas every now and then is okay.  However,
> I've more or less grown
> past the Chris Claremont style of adolescent
> posturing as melodrama, and
> if I'm going to watch people acting like selfish
> juveniles I would prefer
> them to *be* selfish juveniles, rather than
> supposedly responsible
> adults.  Then I sat and thought about it, and
> decided to give Seductress
> the benefit of the doubt: it's possible that since
> she had just given
> birth that the situation was grating across her
> mothering instincts.

  Loosely based on real events.  About six months ago
(when I was writing this arc) my sister left my then
six month old neice over to be babysat for about 20
minutes.  Since I was the only one home she didn't
want to do it at first.  But when she got back my
neice was happily taking a bottle and watching The
Muppet Show.   I didn't take her to space.   I don't
have nice enough cardboard boxes to make a rocket ship
>      Issue 17 sees Vel abduct Dran with the help of
> Marcia, make their
> way through the LNH-HQ through the sundry assorted
> plotlines going on in
> the Killfile Wars and the LNHv2 Annual, and leave. 
> This actually works
> quite well.  I remember decades ago during Marvel's
> second Secret Wars
> crossover a justifiably sarcastic comment that
> someone made that when
> Secret Wars crossed over with John Byrne's run on
> the Fantastic Four,
> that the Beyonder got to stand around doing nothing
> and look like a
> doofus while the two plotlines intersected.  Not
> here.  Here Jesse uses
> it to good story effect by having Vel sacrifice the
> goodwill of the
> Legion to save his son, even if it means making
> himself look callous in
> the process.

  It think the trick here is that I knew I wanted to
do that overlap.  So when I wrote the Onion Lad issue
I wrote the scene with Vel, knowing I was going to cut
and past the scene into Vel and tweak it so you got
them from a Vel favored point of view.  And I knew
when I wrote the LNH annual (which, yes was actually
one of the last parts I wrote) I already had the Vel
and Master Blaster scenes knowing I was going to tell
them from Master Blaster favored point of view.   

   See, Vel was always a character who was fighting
his dual nature.  One side wanting to be a caring,
compassionate, intelligent, human being and the other
a cold, calculating, violent and even cruel son of a
bitch.  At first this was an interesting thing for me
to write about.  As he began to accept his animalistic
nature more the more violent he became. (I was
plotting the basics of Schroedinger's Planet and the
LNH2 story around the same time.) I didn't want to
write him anymore and the LNH2 story gave me a way
out.   His human vs. alien, good vs. evil, moral vs.
immoral whatever it was... he either won or lost
depending on who you ask. 

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