[LNH/Acra] Killfile Wars #5 (Revised)

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 5 21:56:35 PDT 2006


As I read through the fifth and pentultimate issue of Killfile Wars, I
took some notes on what I thought was the wrong approach to Dr.
Killfile's characterization.  Lines like this one--

> 	"You'd think that mattered, but you know what?  It doesn't mean
> Jack Shit.  You know why?" Killfile said as he kicked Butter in his
> tender regions.  "Because you were talking on your cellphone.   Did
> you know that the NTSB studies have shown that driving while talking on
> the phone is more dangerous than driving drunk yet no state has banned
> the practice?"

-- come across as being cheesy.  But then, of course, I got to the
cliffhanger revelation--

> 	"We also found some sort of coin on the body," said Cheesecake
> Eater Lad.
> 	"Oh?" Ninja asked.
> 	"Yes, one of those commemorative coins that they sell at
> presidential inaugurations.  This one is from 1996," Stomper said.
> "Only this one makes no sense..."
> 	"Why?  Killfile strikes me as the Bob Dole type, but he probably
> just wanted to Clinton coin to complete his set," Ninja said.
> 	"Does the name Wes Gas mean anything to you?" Stomper asked.

-- and, I've got to hand it to Jesse, this is a pretty good twist.  I
had no idea he was going to use the currently stillborn relaunch of
Teenfactor as a major plot point, and the twist is so clever, and
explains so many things, that I can only hope the sixth issue pays it
all off.

I've been a little hesitant through out this crossover, but it looks
like it just might come together in the end, despite Jesse's structural

I've got my fingers crossed, Willey.  Don't let me down. :-)


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