[WWW] Enter the Infinatum: The DEVils

Sarcasticus Rex the_infinatum at yahoo.ca
Mon Jul 3 13:17:12 PDT 2006

Hiya fellow comic book fans and creative types. I have another addition
to my Infinatum. Check it out...

"The Division Elite Vindicates (or DEV), the U.S. Governments line
between finesse and force. Consisting of select agents from various
government branches, they work along side special irregular agents.
What better way to deal with the irregular threat, right?


Now, the government sees them as a threat. They are unknown,
untrustworthy, and unwanted.

They arent Americas heroes, they are DEVils!"

This team is a mix of superhero action and government secrets and
conspiracies. Add to that healthy doses a personal drama and comments
on society and you have a compelling, on-going story. If you're
interested, check out the DEVils at...


Then just follow the links.

Drop me a line in here or sign the website's guestbook and let me know
what you think.

Stay tuned, the adventure is infinite!

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