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A Man Called Mongrel #3
By Derrick Ferguson

"And who was he exactly?"

"The unhopeful rider named Cabal."

Sylvester frowned. "You want to try out your standup routine at another
time when we're not hip deep in a massacre?"

"That's how the cat talked, Sly. He was rapping out some weird garbled
poetry speak style slang that would have had me laughing my ass off if
I wasn't trying so hard to keep from getting killed by him."

Sylvester saw Mongrel was totally serious and said; "That bad?"

"Sly, this guy was amped up with enough cybernetics that killing
everybody in this house was no more trouble for him than taking a leak.
I caught him off guard because I don't think he's really had to fight
anybody that could go toe-to-toe with him. But he'll be ready for me
next time."

"Damn it, Mongrel... who are we up against and what do they want?"

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