LNH: War Without Worlds #3

Jesse Willey cabbagewielder at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 9 19:31:35 PST 2006

> There are several options for how Vel could be a
> viable inter-species alien
> hybrid, and for the most part they've been covered.

  I'll figure out which one I'm going to use and then
maybe actually work it into a story somehow.   As it
stands though... I'm already knee deep in KW... and a
Vel storyline that has far too much technobabble about
genetics as is.  So not now.
> Knowing full well that the Looniverse isn't a hard
> SF setting, I added the
> handwaving comments about genetic engineering which
> I had seen
> elsewhere in Star Trek novels (this was pre the
> ST:NextGen episode
> that had all humanoid life be descended from a
> Precursor race jigsaw
> puzzle). 

  A few used that as an explaination for Spock though
not for Troi.  As I said, I have a few ideas but I
might not get to them all anytime soon.  

> I could have included other reasons but
> that would have
> been me blathering and writing doctral dissertations
> masquerading
> as stories, and I know how much that get's up
> Jamas's nose.

  But annoying Jamas's is the whole reason I started
the thread.  Please.... please give us a doctral

> Of course, being a superhero parody universe, it may
> be something that
> 'just happened' for no apparent reason, or possibly
> it was the drama
> overriding all other factors for some special story
> reason.  One can imagine
> the pre-adolescent Vel getting into a lot of fights
> because other children
> taunting him about how he's 'special' in some way -
> which may be true,
> considering some of the things we've seen about him,
> but bratty little kids
> wouldn't know that.

  Actually, Vel being bullied as pre-adolescent was
covered already during parts of Schroedinger's Planet.
 Though most of the bullying was done by full blooded
dorfs.  The human population was small enough, and
maybe just frightened enough, to stay away from him.
Or actually liked him. 

  And Vel was smart growing up.   It's why even though
he is physical weaker than a Dorf his own age he can
kick their butts.  He fights smart and he often fights
dirty.  (Not afraid to somehow slip diaherria inducing
into their food or drinks before the fight.)

> In retrospect I probably shoud've just asked Jesse,
> since I'd already
> pestered him about where Vel's appearance would fit
> in continuity.

  Yes, email the guy who knows stuff is probably a
good idea.  

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