[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #24 - December 2005 [spoilers]

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On Weds 4 Jan 2006 Jesse Willey (cabbagewielder at yahoo.com) wrote:

>>Road To Killfile Wars #12  [LNH]
>>A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] miniseries
>>by Jesse Willey and Tom Russell

>>The Killfile globes continue with their thematic
>>bloodymindedness in trying to recruit every relative of Dr Killfile that
>>they can identify in preparation for their vendetta with him, and
>>in the process it becomes clear to Regal 13 that the war that they've been
>>trying to prevent is now pretty much inevitable.
>   Actually, they didn't try to recruit Teryaki Chick.   Then again...
>That would mean getting into LNH HQ.

Crud. I'd forgotten Teryaki Chick.

>>Interestingly the
>>Killfile globes have common sense enough to realise that some potential
>>recruits (like Badass) can't be intimidated into working with them.
>Well, as brutal and ruthless as Badass is, he is in his heart a patriot. He 
>will not allow 'innocent' Americans come to harm. Had they offered him just 
>the right to kill Killfile, he might have done it.   Of course once he did, 
>he'd turn around and kill them for being a threat to American interests.

On this topic I don't think it would matter whether Badass is/was a patriot 
a totally self-interested crook.  The important thing is that he's 
to do what he wants/feels he has to do and won't be bullied into doing
otherwise, and the globes probably had enough of a personality profile on
him that they recognised this and didn't bother to argue once his mind had
been made up.

>   I'm also surprised you didn't mention the Green Lantern/Green Arrow
>   Though I think Dalton would prefer it if Electra was the one in the

I don't think Green Lantern's ever been in fishnets.  I presume you mean
Electra as a combination of Black Canary and Green Lantern to Dalton's
Green Arrow.  That puts a spin on Dalton that I hadn't seen, but it has a
certain appropriatelness to it.

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