LNH: War Without Worlds #3

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< Yes, still catching up with long-overdue commentary. >

[On Vel's mixed heritage]

There are several options for how Vel could be a viable inter-species alien
hybrid, and for the most part they've been covered.

As I recall it was Jamas who had the basic comments about inter-species
viability, and these are pretty correct from a hard SF point-of-view.
They become even more correct when discussing aliens, who if they
have evolved independently on different planets shouldn't even have
comaptible genetic software, let alone having coding close enough to
produce 'mule' offspring.
Knowing full well that the Looniverse isn't a hard SF setting, I added the
handwaving comments about genetic engineering which I had seen
elsewhere in Star Trek novels (this was pre the ST:NextGen episode
that had all humanoid life be descended from a Precursor race jigsaw
puzzle).  I could have included other reasons but that would have
been me blathering and writing doctral dissertations masquerading
as stories, and I know how much that get's up Jamas's nose.

Of course, being a superhero parody universe, it may be something that
'just happened' for no apparent reason, or possibly it was the drama
overriding all other factors for some special story reason.  One can imagine
the pre-adolescent Vel getting into a lot of fights because other children
taunting him about how he's 'special' in some way - which may be true,
considering some of the things we've seen about him, but bratty little kids
wouldn't know that.

In retrospect I probably shoud've just asked Jesse, since I'd already
pestered him about where Vel's appearance would fit in continuity.

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