[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #24 - December 2005 [spoilers]

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Taking time out from both preparations for moving tomorrow
and from work, I'll finally make some replies.

On Tues 3 Jan 2006 Dave Van Domelen replied:
>>     In issue 63 the North American Combine finally made arrangements
>>to investigate the situation on Venus, which contrasts ironically with
>>the fact that various other groups have already arrived and are either
>>setting up camp or - in the case of the Galactic Warrior corps observer
>>- sending reports back to their superiors.
>      Not too ironic, really.  They acted pretty quickly given that they 
>found out Something Was Up when the planet's appearance in telescope 
>changed.  :)  Khadam found out about Montreal way back in CSV #25, and 
>Q'Nos thanks to Simon's scrying.

True.  I was actually working on the impression given in #61 that NASA
had held off slightly in informing the Academy because of the various
recent political tensions - but rereading that scene I note that it
doesn't actually specify how long.  And in any case that wouldn't be
applicable for a NAC organised expedition rather than a delegated
Academy organised one.  That said, with both Solar Max and Lightfoot
available, had either the NAC or the Academy felt a pressing need
they could have had a preliminary recon done by now.  Or of they
were into taking extremely foolish risks, literally yesterday.


>      Dave Van Domelen, was hoping to get at least a comment on the point 
>that he actually put out an LNH story this year....

It was vastly amusing, but it didn't have a plot.  You should know by
now that the EoMR is basiaclly just a Plot Comprehesion Engine  :-)

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