[REVIEW] End of Month Reviews #24 - December 2005 [spoilers]

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>Road To Killfile Wars #12  [LNH]
>A Legion of Net.Heroes [LNH] miniseries
>by Jesse Willey and Tom Russell

  For the record Tom's involvement in issue was something like this.

  Prior to writing #12.   Around when I was working on #5 or #6.

 Tom: You know...  Caroloyn's other kids... what were their names
 Jess: Elaine and Jack
 Tom: Yeah.  They are still alive.  I remember mentioning that in JII.
I know they were awful characters but... you know, if you really want
to be a completist, you can't do a Killfile family reunion without
Jess: You're right Tom.  Oooh!  I can I play with Pearly White stuff
Tom: No.  That was total crap.
Jess: Please!!!!!
Tom: No!   Never speak of that again.   And damn it, twice in this
series you have Electra feeling stuff and she doesn't have that
ability.   Explain that please.
Jess: Yes, Tom, whatever.

  (Jess goes off to write draft.  Throws in the Pearly White related
scenes ANYWAY.)

 Tom: Nice... this is good.   I always thought that plot was a bit too
much like Jamas's stuff in Alt.riders.
 Jess: Funny, I was thinking early PAD Hulk.
 Tom: And Dalton's is making her feel things how?
 Jess: A magician never reveals his secrets.  Okay, Penn and Teller
do... but only after the trick is completed.

>This acts as an epilogue to this miniseries and the bridge into
> the _Killfile Wars_.

   Indeed.  Jamas egged me into doing  'The Collected Road To Killfile
Wars' which I'll post when I get back to Baltimore.   As I say in the
commentary there, that's my one regret about this series.   RTKW should
have been 11 issues and KW should have been 7 issues with the tie-ins
starting with issue #2.  But oh well... too late now.

>The Killfile globes continue with their thematic
>bloodymindedness in trying to recruit every relative of Dr Killfile that
>they can identify in preparation for their vendetta with him, and
> in the process it becomes clear to Regal 13 that the war that they've been
> trying to prevent is now pretty much inevitable.

  Actually, they didn't try to recruit Teryaki Chick.   Then again...
That would mean getting into LNH HQ.

> Interestingly the
>Killfile globes have common sense enough to realise that some potential
>recruits (like Badass) can't be intimidated into working with them.

 Well, as brutal and ruthless as Badass is, he is in his heart a
patriot.   He will
 not allow 'innocent' Americans come to harm.Had they offered him just
the right
 to kill Killfile, he might have done it.   Of course once he did, he'd
turn around and kill
them for being a threat to American interests.  But that would have
been a whole
other type of story.

>yes, and it turns out that Electra does have a reason for hanging around
>Dalton for so long: apparently contact with him stimulates her sense of
>touch again. On learning this Dalton thinks he can call in a few favours
>to investigate why.

  The Devil's in the details.   I played with it as a very minor
detail.   But as I'm sure Tom would agree 'This is a Jesse Willey
story.  There are no minor details.'

 I'm also surprised you didn't mention the Green Lantern/Green Arrow
 Though I think Dalton would prefer it if Electra was the one in the

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