LNH/ACRA: Alt.stralian Yarns #4: Reading Clocks

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 31 20:19:24 PST 2006

Tarq wrote:
> They continued their work for a while longer. Working away under the
> Alt.stralian sun, which, incidentally, is the exact same sun as the one
> in the Loonited States sky. Or any other sky, for that matter, that's
> on the Looniearth. Not that I'm saying that the sun is _on_ the
> Looniearth, of course not, that's just a ridiculous notion. Outrageous.
> But it's the same one that is seen from anywhere one stands on the
> Looniearth, rather, is what I'm trying to convey. Unless it's
> nighttime. The whole concept of nighttime being, obviously, that one
> can _not_ see the sun. But perhaps we're getting a little sidetracked
> here -- the point I mean to convey is that they were working very hard
> under very trying, very hot conditions. Well, actually I'm trying to
> provide a sense of time passing them by, and it's working rather well,
> don't you agree?

Sure, and in fact this is an old LNH gag done by people like wReam or
Tom Russell where in the middle of a story or review you start a
paragraph -or even a sentence- on topic and then start talking about
something completely different, like cats because my cat loves me, no
matter what some animal mind reader who comes across as a bit wonky
anyway might say, and I know this because he sleeps with us every
night, although he might be doing that because it's winter now and he
thinks it's cold and he might just be trying to stay warm, but anyway
the point is that what you did in the above paragraph is an old gag and
it's good to see people continuing the tradition. :)

Was this officially the first story of 2007 or the last story of 2006?
I think Tom and Arthur and Rob should all move over to this part of the
world so we don't have to worry about this every year. :)


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