Superfreaks: Superfreaks #19

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Michael King, Mary Jones and Frank Lopez: crime scene 
investigators.  John Phelps, Mark Johnston and Tom 
Jackson: police officers.  Jack Greenspan and Edward 
Bailey: medical examiners.  Alan Russell and Cliff
Murdock: lawyers.  These are the men and women who are
truly our last line of defense.  But what about the
capes whose cases they have to investigate?  Should
they be considered a help or a hindrance? 

                    SUPERFREAKS #19


                        PART I
8:20 am

  Katherine Phelps knew her friend was upset.  She
could sense her friend's dark mood.  She didn't look
particularly happy either.
  "Nicole?  What's wrong?"
  Katherine could tell her friend was lying.  She dug
deeper, reaching out with her mind, reaching into her
friend's mind.  She retrieved some images.  A car. 
Some friends.  An accident.
  "It wasn't your fault," Katherine said.
  Somebody was hurt.
  "The accident.  It wasn't your fault."
  "What are you talking about?"
  "You weren't driving.  It was dark.  There was ice
on the road."
  Nicole got angry.  "Who told you?"
  Nicole raised her voice.  "Who told you?"
  "Nobody," Katherine said honestly.  "I was shitting
you.  So there really was an accident?"
  Nicole eyed Katherine suspiciously.  "Are you the
one who sent me the threats?"
  "What threats?"
  "I've been getting these threats.  'I'll never
forget what you did last winter.'  I've been getting
e-mail, type-written notes, it was even painted one
time on my house in red."
  "Oh how awful."  Katherine continued to recieve
images.  There was a body.  "Was... was anybody hurt?"
  "In the accident."
  Nicole didn't answer.
  "We made a promise not to tell anybody."
  "About what?"
  "About the body."
  Katherine saw a body being carried away from the
road.  "Nicole, what did you do with the body?"
  Nicole's eyes started to well up with tears.  "We
threw the body in the river."
  Katherine bit her lip.  "Nicole, I'm so sorry."
  Tears started to run down Nicole's face.  She wiped
them away with her hand.  She looked around, hoping
nobody had noticed.
  "Look, we have to go to class," Katherine said. 
"I'll meet you after school.  Okay?"

3:01 pm

  Katherine looked for Nicole but she was nowhere to
be found.  Finally, Katherine heard one of her school
mates screaming.
  "She's dead!  Oh my God!  She's dead!"
  "Who's dead?" Katherine asked.
  "In the bathroom!"

3:44 pm

  "Multiple stab wounds," Detective Michael King said.
 "The blood trail leads to one of the stalls.  Most
likely the murder weapon was flushed down the toilet."
  Detective John Phelps nodded.  "I'll send a couple
of officers to search the sewers."
  Michael shrugged his shoulders.  "First we have to
contact the city water commission and ask them where
these pipes go."
  John turned to see his daughter standing next to the
body.  "Katherine, this is a crime scene."
  "Dad, Nicole was receiving threats."
  Michael looked up.  "From whom?"
  "I don't know."
  John sighed.  "You'll have to tell us what you do
know then."
  John and Michael listened to Katherine's story about
how she was able to obtain images from her friend's
  "Did you recognize any of the other people in the
  "No," she admitted.
  "Are you sure this actually happened?" her father
asked.  "It wasn't somethinmg she dreamt or
  "No," Katherine said.  "She said it happened last
winter.  She said they disposed of the body in the
  Michael's eyes narrowed.  "We'll have to go speak to
her parents.  Maybe they can tell us if Nicole went on
a road trip with friends last winter." 
  John nodded.  "Alright.  Katherine, you go straight
home.  Your mother must be worried sick."
  Katherine rolled her eyes.  "Yes, dad."

                        PART II

4:21 pm (same day)

  "Mr. and Mrs. Moore?"
  "We're Detectives John Phelps and Michael KIng from
the Pepperton Police."
  "Oh my God," Nicole's mother said.  "It's about
Nicole, isn't it?"
  "I'm afraid so," John said.
  "What's she done?" her father asked.
  "She's dead," Michael said and then immediately
regretted the way he said it.  Mind you, there's no
good way to tell a couple that their teenaged daughter
was dead.
  "Oh my God, no!" Mrs. Moore cried.
  "How?" Mr. Moore managed to ask.
  "She was murdered," Michael said.  "Stabbed in the
girl's bathroom at school."
  "Who did this?" Mr. Moore demanded to know.
  "We're working on it," Michael assured him.
  "One of Nicole's classmates mentioned a road trip
that Nicole went on last winter," John told them.  "Do
you remember anything about that?"
  Mr. Moore nodded.  "Yeah.  Last New Year's.  Justin
Federline was driving."
  "Would you happen to know his address?" Michael
  "I think... I think I have his parent's phone
number," Mrs. Moore said.
  "Do you think Justin...?"
  Michael interrupted Mr. Moore's question.  "It's the
only lead we have."
  "I'll go get the number," Mrs. Moore said.
  "We appreciate your help, ma'am," John said.

5:12 pm

  "Are you Justin Federline?"
  "We're Detectives John Phelps and Michael King from
the Pepperton Police."
  "We're here to talk to you about the murder of
Nicole Moore," Michael said.
  "She's dead?"
  "Stabbed.  In the girl's bathroom."
  "What?  You think I did it?"
  "What makes you think you're here to accuse you of
killing her?" John asked.
  "Okay," Justin said.  "So why are you here?"
  "Last New Years, you and Nicole were in a car
together," Michael said.  "You were on a road trip. 
Is that right?"
  "Yeah.  We were going upstate.  Why?"
  "You hit a pedestrian.  You killed him.  Then you
threw the body in the lake."
  "Hold on!"
  "Nicole was getting threats from somebody telling
her that they would 'never forget what she did last
winter'.  We think somebody found out about what
happened and killed her."
  Justin shook his head.  "We didn't tell anybody
about what happened last winter.  We made a pact."
  "So it's true then," Michael said.  "You did kill
somebody with your car."
  Justin didn't answer.
  "You know, you yourself could be found to have
motive to kill Nicole," John said.  "If you thought
she was going to say something I mean."
  "Hey!  Wait!" Justin said.  "There were two other
people in that car!"
  "Who?" Michael asked.
  "Britney Hilton and Christian Lohan."
  "Do you know where they live?" John asked.
  "I know where Britney lives but I'm not sure about
where Christian lives."
  "What's her address?" John asked as he took out a
pen and notepad.
  "I don't know."
  "You just said you did," Michael pointed out.
  "I know how to get to her place, not what the
address is."
  "You'd better come with us then," John said.

5:51 pm

  "Mr. and Mrs. Hilton?"
  "We're Detectives John Phelps and Michael King from
the Pepperton Police.  We're investigating the murder
of Nicole Moore."
  "How can we help you?" Mr. Hilton asked.
  "We actually would like to speak to your daughter
Britney," Michael said.
  "She's not in right now," Mr. Hilton told them. 
"She's out."
  "Out where?"
  "She's on a date with her boyfriend," Mrs. Hilton
told them.
  "Would that be Christopher Lohan?" John asked her.
  "Yes.  That's him."
  "We need to speak to him too."
  "Any idea where they went on their date?" Michael
  Mrs. Hilton shrugged her shoulders.  "Dinner.  A
  "Which restaurant?  What theatre?"
  "I don't know," she admitted.
  John bit his lip.  "Do you even know what movie they
were planning to see?"
  "I'm afraid not," she said.

7:21 pm

  "God... this is boring!" Christopher complained.
  "Shh!" Britney told him.
  "I hate chick flicks!"
  Britney rolled her eyes.  "So what would you rather
see?  An action movie?  A horror movie?"
  Britney sighed.  "People getting shot and stabbed."
  "Well, sure!" Chris said.  "It's educational!"
  "How do you figure that?"
  "It's not like people don't sometimes get attacked
in real life.  It's good to be prepared."
  "Uh huh."
  "Yep."  Chris shifted in his seat.  "Damn.  That
cola's passed right through me.  I need to go to the
  Britney shook her head.  "Right.  You say the
movie's boring and now you want to leave."
  Chris was shocked by the implied accusation.  "I
really do need to go to the bathroom."  He gave her a
peck on the cheek.  "I'll be right back."

7:52 pm

  Detectives John Phelps and Michael King stood over
Chris' body which was spralled across the floor in the
men's bathroom.
  "We were too late," John said.
  Michael noticed the blood trail leading to one of
the bathroom stalls.  "Same modus operandi," he said. 
"The murders are definitely related to what happened
last winter."
  John nodded.  "We'll take Justin and Britney home
tonight and I'll order a car to watch each of their
houses over night."
  Michael thought for a moment.  "Then they can bring
them to the precinct for questioning tomorrow morning.
 They're going to have to tell us everything."

                       PART III

9:02 am

  "Britney, did you tell anybody about what happened
last winter?" John asked.
  "No," she said.  "Nobody."
  "You do see our problem, don't you," Michael said. 
"If you two were the only ones who knew about what
happened then it stands to reason that one of you
killed Nicole and Christopher."
  "I was in the car with you when Chrsitopher died,"
Justin pointed out.
  "So... what?  Are you saying I killed them?" Britney
  "Nobody is getting accused of anything for now,"
John said.  Just then Frank Lopez walked in.  "Frank
here is going to ask you to describe the man you hit. 
If we can identify who it was then we could maybe
figure this all out."
  "It was dark," Britney said.
  "You didn't even look at him to see if he was still
alive?" Michael asked incredulously.
  "It was a long time ago," Justin said.
  "Tell us what you can remember," John said.
  Justin closed his eyes.  "All this time I've been
trying to forget."

10:09 am

  "Do you remember seeing a body that looks like this
  Jack nodded.  "Yeah.  Several months ago.  The body
was badly decomposed but, yeah, that's what he would
have looked like.  Somebody fished him out of the
  "That sounds right," Michael said.  "Were you able
to identify him?"
  Jack shook his head.  "No.  No wallet.  No id.  His
fingerprints and dental records didn't turn up any
matches and nobody from missing persons wre looking
for anybody who matched his description."
  "Okay."  Michael thought for a moment.  "Based on
how the body looked to you, how old do you think he
was when he died?"
  Jack shrugged his shoulders.  "Late thirties.  Early
  "Old enough to have a teenaged son... or daughter?"
  "I suppose so."
  Michael took out his cell phone and speed dialed
John's number.  "John?  It's Michael."
  >>What's up?<<
  "Could you get your daughter to come down to the
precinct a.s.a.p.?"
  "I think she can help us with this investigation."

10:59 am

  "Can we go now?" Britney asked.
  "Not yet," John said.
  "Can you hold us without charging us?" Justin asked.
  Just then Michael arrived with Katherine.
  "Katherine?  What are you doing here?" Britney
  "Detective Phelps is my dad," Katherine told them.
  "She's also helping us with our investigation,"
Michael said.  "Katherine can read minds."
  "It's okay, dad."
  "Katherine was able to read Nicole's mind before she
died.  That's how she knew about the accident and the
threats against Nicole."
  "You can read minds?" Justin asked.  "That's so
  Katherine looked into Britney's eyes.  Britney
looked away.  "What's wrong Britney?"
  "What's wrong?" Britney asked indignantly.  "My
boyfriend is dead, okay?"
  "But you don't feel upset, Britney, do you?  If
anything, maybe you feel a bit guilty."
  "I know what you did, Britney."
  Britney gritted her teeth.  "Get the hell out of my
  "Britney!" Justin said.  "Why?"
  "My mother... she had an affair before I was born. 
I only found out this year.  My mom had pictures of
the man she had an affair with.  It was the same man
we killed.  You bastards killed my real father!  You
made me carry him off the road and dump him in the
river!  You all have to die for what you did."
  "You have the right to remain silent," Michael
began.  John opened the door and called for Officers
Mark Johnston and Tom Jackson to come in and take her

11:10 am

  "You need to get back to school, young lady," John
said to his daughter.
  "I know."
  John eyed his daughter suspiciously.  "Did you
really read Britney's mind?"
  Katherine smiled.  "No."
  "Then what was that all about?"
  "Your partner told me what to say."
  "You mean Detective King?  Actually, he's not my
partner per se.  Technically, I'm his boss.  You see,
I head the precinct and he heads the crime lab."
  "That's not how he sees it," she told him.
  "Oh really?" John said.  "Did he say that or did you
read his mind?"
  Katherine just laughed.

                         THE END


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