LNH: Drabble Girl: Drabble #24

Jamas Enright thad at eyrie.org
Thu Dec 21 23:38:34 PST 2006

Drabble Girl in 52 Drabbles!
Drabble #24: Smack-down!

The polynome was now large enough to stretch across the width of the
alley. It greed angst flame kite in the air, with Drabble Girl and
Doctor Stomper eying it warily.

"We should report in," Doctor Stomper said.

"Can we destroy it with that gun?" Drabble Girl asked.

Doctor Stomper shrugged. Drabble Girl took the gun, changed the setting,
and fired.

The creature pupitre espace surfait bandeau, crashing into the wall and
absorbing most of it. Suddenly larger, it took off through the air.

"Where's it going?"

"Follow it!"

The chase began.

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