LNH: The Add-A-Sentence Cascade!

Arthur Spitzer arspitzer at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 14 17:10:05 PST 2006

Tom Russell wrote:

> Martin Phipps wrote:
>>Arthur Spitzer wrote:
>>>Martin Phipps wrote:
>>> >Tom Russell wrote:
>>> >> It is a truth universally acknowledged that last night
>>> >> I dreamt I went to LNHHQ again, where they called me
>>> >> Ish Kabibble (my father's family name being Kabibble,
>>> >> and my Christian name being Ish), but when I tell
>>> >> people that the first thing they'll probably want to
>>> >> know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood
>>> >> was like, but I don't feel like going into it, to tell
>>> >> you the truth, so call me Thought-Bubble Boy.
>>> >
>>> >When I say that what I dream is "universally acknowledged", it's
>>> >because that's my power: everybody knows what I'm thinking, including
>>> >what I may be dreaming about when I sleep; you see, I'm a kind of
>>> >telepath except I don't pick up other people's thoughts but rather
>>> >broadcast them out to everybody around me (which is not much of a power
>>> >I know but there you go).
>>> >
>>> >Martin
>>>I should also warn you that I have multiple personality disorder so when
>>>I... no... not... taking... over... ahhhrhrhkkkkkggggghhh... Skippy
>>>lives again!
>>I must... regain... control... before... people learn... my dreaded
> "Too late."

Now that Skippy in control -- going to eat Big Jar of -- Peanut 

Arthur "sic" Spitzer

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