Meta: What is your *worst* work on RACC

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Thu Dec 7 13:52:08 PST 2006

Martin Phipps wrote:
> RACCie/Meta:  What is your *worst* work on RACC?

Back around the time that George Lucas was releasing
the "special editions" of the original Star Wars films,
I got the idea to write completely new, "special edition"
versions of the last two Easily-Discovered Man episodes
I'd written, #31 and 32.

This was a bad idea.

Making a song parody of "The Pina Colada Song" the
climax of issue #32 probably did not make it better.

These days, no matter how much money George Lucas
makes, no matter how well his films might do, he will
always have "The Star Wars Holiday Special" to
haunt him, and to inspire him to do better.

And I will always have the Easily-Discovered Man
"special editions," best described with the yet-to-
be coined word, "suckage."


--Rob Rogers
--Easily-Discovered Man Lite of the LNH

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