META: What is your best work on RACC?

Tarq mitchell_crouch at
Wed Dec 6 23:10:04 PST 2006

Tom Russell wrote:
> Mitchell said:
> > Um. If Alt.stralian Yarns #1-?? doesn't really count, I'd have to say A
> > Journey Through the Mind of the Seemingly Unstable. And that's
> > depressing.
> Mitchell, if the first thing I had ever posted had been something like
> Alt.stralian Yarns or even AJTtMofSU, I'd be able to look at one of my
> old posts without convulsing. :-)

Oh, I quite like Alt.stralian Yarns ("Ego Lad's Seal of Approval!").
But I found that AJTtMotSU to just be exceedingly annoying and
incomprehensible when I reread it -- it could also be that it runs so
contrary to my usual style of writing (ie whatever would happen + plot
devices to manipulate events to go roughly according to an insanely
vague plan -- but hey, it works!). Maybe it was just that because I
couldn't get the series to work how I wanted it to, and I'm really just
annoyed at myself and I'm taking it out on AJTtMotSU. Actually, knowing
myself, that seems incredibly likely, now that I think of it.

Thanks, Tom! :-)


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