MISC: Thunderclap #3 - Mistakes

Tom Russell milos_parker at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 6 21:09:38 PST 2006

I really, really enjoy the way Rick is using first-person in this
story, especially in this particular issue.  It's a distinct if
archetypical voice-- a candid one that's very entertaining and amusing
in its own right.  I like the vibe of the series and I'm begging you,
Rick, *please*, don't let this be the last issue. :-)

Sorry for the shortness of the comments tonight, folks-- but I can't
write ten pages about every story, can I?

And, oooh, before I go, here's a fun-fact!

> 	He was dressed in some sort of armor, sort of an ancient Japanese
> samurai outfit.  From what I remembered, it was usually painted a
> couple of different colors, but this one was solid red.  Instead of a
> traditional sword, he held a pair of handles that were emitting beams
> of energy.  "Great," I muttered, "A Jedi wannabe."

The word "Jedi" is derived from jidai-geki-- or, loosely, samurai film.
 (To be more accurate, it means "period picture", but when you're
dealing with Japanese films, "period picture" pretty much means the
same thing as "samurai".)


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