Meta: What is your *worst* work on RACC

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Wed Dec 6 01:53:16 PST 2006

RACCie/Meta:  What is your *worst* work on RACC?

Don't be shy.

I guess I'll start this self-back stabbing.

Let's see here...

For Worst Miniseries...

Maybe _Net.Heroes With Children_ (LNH2).  The good?  It led right into
Lagneto Saga.  The bad?  It had middle aged couple Master Blaster and
Sister State the Obvious having sex in their living room.

A fan "favorite" for this category might be _Myopia Man and the
Colourblind Kid_.  I wrote that and waited for the praise to come in.
Silence.  Well, I thought it was funny.  See myopia and colourblindness
are genetic disorders so that made them mutants.  Ha.  Ha.  Ha ha ha.
Hmm.  Okay, _I_ thought it was funny.  Maybe Myopia Man's eyesight is
better as of Decimation. :)

For Worst Crossover...

Flame Wars VI.  Well, my parts were good but...

For Worst Arc....

That System Corruptors arc "Manifest Destiny" which had the LNH face a
revived Canadian Spelling Guy, Lagneto, Hellary and Psykeye.  When I
did Lagneto Saga, I pretended it didn't exist.

For Worst Series...

Maybe Generation Zed: The New Class although it did start out good.  In
all fairness, if I write more than four issues of something then I had
to have figured it to be good.  Anything else retroactively become a

For Worst Single Issue...

Any story set primarally in the Comedy.Net.  I actually had a character
called Dice Man inspired by Andrew Dice Clay.  I worked him into the
origin of PC Person.  See, PC Person was Dice Man's younger brother who
was ashamed of his older brother and was over compensating by becoming
the living symbol of political correctness.  It was supposed to make PC
Person a bit more sympathetic.  Later the Comedy.Net would be used in
Lagneto Saga as the place where the LNH was able to contact a retired
Lobdell Lad.

Okay... that's it for my self mutilation

Everyone else's turn.... 


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