Meta: What is your best work on RACC?

Martin Phipps martinphipps2 at
Tue Dec 5 20:53:32 PST 2006

Arthur Spitzer wrote:
> For Best Miniseries...

I like some of my LNH2 minis.  I think my Lagneto stuff was a bit
overrated, with parts of the original Lagneto Saga series having been
cut and pasted from an earlier System Corruptors story.  It was
basically a way to remind people that I can do more than just tell
jokes.  Everything I do is funny on some level though.  Teen Fascists
and Googlemesh were me at my most political.  I think LNH Forever was
my best mini over all.

> For Best Crossover...

The Teen Fascists / Googlemesh crossover was good I think.  I did work
with Jeff McCoskey on Retcon Hour: we hashed out a plot for Generation
Y Annual #1 and everyone seemed to like it at the time (except Scav who
didn't like the Flatulance Lad vs. Typo Lad fight).  I think I do a
good job with other people's plot ideas, such as when I wrote a chapter
of Flame Wars II based on Drizzt's plot.  Oh and I did have the LNH
battle Dorfs in Cute Anna, Generation Zed, LNH Comics Presents Special
and Lagneto Saga Part II #4 so that was a huge unofficial crossover.

> For Best Arc....

Maybe Acts of Violence from way back in LNH #69-71 (I think).  I stole
the title from Jef Kolodziej.  It was the first time I wrote a story
with Lagneto.  Generation Y #'s 15-16 were good I think as was YYY #'s
5-6.  There was also the Cute Anna arc that introduced the Society of
Net.Heroes which I thought was a good parody of the Ultimates.  Flame
Wars VI wasn't bad in the sense that it came out at the same time as
the JLA vs. the Avengers series so it was extremely topical.  Oh and
Lagneto Saga Part II #'s 5-8 was a good arc, although nowadays I
probably would have posted it as a single issue and not an arc.

> Best Series...?

Generation Y started out well.  It was basically Drizzt's idea.  He
came up with the plot for the first issue.  Originally it was an idea
he had but he was going away for the summer so he suggested it to me.
Then Marvel announced Generation X so I padded the original lineup a
bit to mimic the Generation X series.

There was no Lagneto series, just a series of minis.  Like wise for
most of my LNH2 and LNHY stuff.  The only other real series I've done
then is Superfreaks.  Superfreaks has been a bit more consistent than
Generation Y with each issue of Superfreaks running at least twice as
long as an issue of Generation Y.  Superfreaks could easily be up to
issue 60 now if the three or four parts of each issue had been posted

> Best Single Issue...?

There's the Giant Sized LNH issue "Leadership Crisis" which was good
based on the standards at the time.  "Ties that Bond", the Wedding of
Pok and Ori, I didn't actually write by myself.  The issue that
followed with the LNH going up against Hellary I thought was funny.
Generation Y Annuals 1 and 2 were both good as was the System Crruptors
story that got reprinted in Lagneto Saga #5.  Lagneto Saga #8 was good
I think.  Lagneto 2017 #'s 3 and 4, the trail and funeral of Lagneto,
were also good I think.  My best Superfreaks issues would be #'s 4, 7
and 13.  Matthew Almighty strikes me as my best LNHY work.

You know, Arthur posted a list of RACC winners and it looks as though I
_never_ won anything.  I actually did win a "most improved" RACCie once
which translates as "your stuff isn't as shitty as it had been".
Great.  I actually think I'm consistent.  I look at Superfreaks #16-17,
stuff that I posted just last month and, lo and behold, the writing
style is not one whit different from what I did ten years ago when I
was did Generation Y #25.  Oh yeah, Generation Y #23-25 was a good arc
too I think: I still like Sailor Coon.  Note that Sailor Coon
transformed into a raccoon: "coon" did not refer to her race. :P


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